September 23, 2012

-We have recieved a significant number of inquiries and applications, however, we only have shortlisted 9 potential candidates.

-We’ll screen them further before we meet them up personally.

-We are still open for new applicants.

The outofstockph team is currently looking for new team members.

We encourage everyone (qualified) to apply.
no need for credentials (cfte, cmt, mba, rfp, phd, etc etc etc), but it is ok if you have as well.

We are looking for traders with a unique and dynamic trading style, and sound money management principles. does not matter if you’re TA or FA. But we need proof of a good, profitable, and consistent trading history using your trading style (i.e. proven system or method which worked for you for atleast 3years, +15% or better alpha)

interested applicants can send their application thru our email address

It won’t be a walk in the park since we only need only 1 or 2 for the job, but once you get the contract, it is worth it. 50/50 profit sharing among others. No need to raise capital for trading, we will provide it. And we won’t ask you for a trading bond.

You can also work from anywhere.. from home or any place you like. You only need to attend the monthly meeting at the HQ.

If you think you are qualified, let us know. We will email back more details to qualified applicants.

thank you.


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